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How does it work?

What comes included in each kit?

What do I need?

I have an extra pony bottle.  What do I need?

Which IRAMS Kit will work for my equipment?

What is TigerGear made out of?



How does it work?   Back to Top

The Single Bracket connects a single tank to the BCD Mount.  It attaches to the cylinder using either two stainless steel bands or 2-inch nylon cinch straps.  An additional groove is incorporated for attaching accessory items, such as pony bottles or battery packs, using conventional nylon straps.

The Double Manifold Bracket connects to a set of manifold tanks utilizing double bands.  Stainless hardware passes through the bracket and bands allowing them to be tightened as a unit one time during set up. The Double Bracket then attaches to the BCD Mount using TigerGear’s patented interlocking system.

TigerMount is a stand-alone version of the Single and Double Brackets.  It can be attached to a main tank with metal bands or a conventional BCD strap for a quick and easy attachment and detachment of accessory items such as pony bottles and battery canisters for lights.  The Flat Rail Bracket is used for accessories such as re-breathers.  Stainless rods within the main cylinder attachment allow the BCD tank strap to be threaded through the TigerMount, allowing the BCD strap to be loosened to change the main tank without losing alignment of your attachments. 


What comes included in each kit?   Back to Top

The Starter Kits are packaged to provide you with everything you need.  TigerMount kits come with necessary brackets, bands, nylon ties and mesh cylinder covers.  The IRAMS starter kit comes with the BCD mounting bracket, single [or] double bracket, necessary hardware, and T-Bolt bands in the appropriate size. 


What do I need?   Back to Top

Everything you need for TigerMount and TigerMount components comes packaged with the bracket.

For IRAMS, if you purchase separate components, such as a single cylinder bracket or double manifold cylinder bracket, you will need hardware and bands in the appropriate size needed – all of which are available through the TigerGear Catalog.


I have an extra pony bottle.  What do I need?   Back to Top

If you already have the TigerMount kit you will only need another male rail bracket (TigerMount – Pony Cylinder Side [ATMm]) since the female rail bracket stays with the BCD.  The male rail bracket comes packaged with the necessary bands and pin/lanyard.


Which IRAMS Kit will work for my equipment?   Back to Top

7” Single Cylinder à ASKS7 (7 ¼” Single Cylinder Kit)

8” Single Cylinder à ASKS8 (8” Single Cylinder Kit)

7” Double Manifold with buoyancy of -6# à ASKD7 (Double Manifold Kit for 7 ¼” cylinders)

8” Double Manifold with buoyancy of -6# à ASKD8 (Double Manifold Kit for 8” cylinders)

7” Double Manifold with buoyancy of -3# à ASKL7 (Double Manifold Kit – Lite for 7 ¼” cylinders)

8” Double Manifold with buoyancy of -3# à ASKL8 (Double Manifold Kit – Lite for 8” cylinders)


What material is TigerGear made out of?   Back to Top

All TigerGear brackets are machined to close tolerances from extruded aircraft grade aluminum alloy.  After machining, the brackets are finished with a process called hard-coating rather than the standard anodizing process.  By doing so, TigerGear brackets are protected from saltwater and extend component life by helping reduce wear from rigorous use. 

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